Why do people join communities, and what makes them stay?

We want to create vibrant and safe community spaces. Spaces where people are heard, understood, and feel supported. We also want our communities to succeed. Whether that’s working together to solve shared problems, improve student outcome, or challenge out-of-date thinking. By creating resources and sharing good practice together for everyone’s benefit. How do we meet […]

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Community spotlight: Engaging with Jisc’s research community around the UKRI Open Access policy

  UKRI launched their new open access (OA) policy in April 2022, and Jisc committed to work with UKRI and the research sector, including a diversity of research organisations, researchers, research support and management offices, and representative bodies, to develop an understanding of the challenges around open access, to share and develop best practice, and […]

What does it take to build a great community?

Welcome, to the first community blog. Communities bring us closer. They allow us to share, connect and learn.  They create a space that builds trust and when nurtured with compassion and careful planning, create vital support. I’ve been supporting Jisc’s and our member communities since 2020, watching them evolve from firefighting mode during the pandemic, […]