Top tips

Providing safe spaces for conversation and support (with MFA)

Our trusted communities help members to learn together, provide peer-to-peer support, and empower them to make informed decisions. It’s important that we keep providing a safe space to convene community conversations and for you to share resources. To maintain these community spaces, we have decided to enable multifactor authentication (MFA) for all shared Teams spaces […]


Working with a community editorial board on learning and teaching resources

I work in the Content and Discovery area of Jisc. For the past year we have been working in partnership with a group of academics to add learning and teaching resources to the Historical Texts platform. How we got started I’d love to take credit for the start of this project, but like some of […]

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Tips for facilitating online community meetups

I was recently asked to run a workshop for community facilitators to help with fresh thinking about facilitating online meetups. These are people who regular facilitate meetings of our members, and want to keep improving what they do. They are looking to avoid those ‘tumbleweed moments’ and maximise engagement. When writing the session, I turned […]