Why do people join communities, and what makes them stay?

We want to create vibrant and safe community spaces. Spaces where people are heard, understood, and feel supported. We also want our communities to succeed. Whether that’s working together to solve shared problems, improve student outcome, or challenge out-of-date thinking. By creating resources and sharing good practice together for everyone’s benefit. How do we meet […]


Copyright advice for project owners of co-production or user-generated content projects

It is essential to tackle the issue of copyright at the outset of any co-production or user-generated content project. Providing assurance for users as to what the work can be used for, and in what ways, is critical especially where content is produced by a number of authors and consists of work from a variety […]

Top tips

Tips for using Microsoft Teams as a community platform

The right platform can make or break a community. For many education and research communities, Microsoft Teams is a common choice. It allows users to collaborate internally and externally, chat, host events, share documents, and create engaging pages to share information. No platform is perfect, but Microsoft has been improving the functionality and capabilities within […]

Top tips

Ten ideas for online community engagement

Anyone who has tried to build an online community knows that it’s far from ‘build it and they will come’. That idea is a myth. Behind every successful online space there are people working hard to create the energy needed for engagement to thrive, particularly in the early days. But I promise you it’s worth […]

Champions Digifest

Catching up with the community champions of 2022

In March 2022, we hosted the second community champion’s programme. We celebrated 17 incredible and dedicated individuals who go above and beyond to help their peers. Winners were treated a VIP trip to Digifest and have since become a community of peers who support each other sharing resources and tips to strengthen their communities and […]

What does it take to build a great community?

Welcome, to the first community blog. Communities bring us closer. They allow us to share, connect and learn.  They create a space that builds trust and when nurtured with compassion and careful planning, create vital support. I’ve been supporting Jisc’s and our member communities since 2020, watching them evolve from firefighting mode during the pandemic, […]